Power: A+
Finesse: B
18m @ 180cm
2495g @ 180cm

Head Worldcup Rebels i.Speed Pro

Everything about the Head Worldcup Rebels i.Speed Pro yells, “Racer ready?” It’s a rhetorical question, for ready or not, once you set the i.Speed Pro in motion you are off to the races. The first clue that this is a no-posers powerhouse is its honking plate, which contributes damping, leverage and the need for total commitment by the skier on every turn. Pick up a pair and you’ll get the second striking indication that this ski might be better than you: it’s loaded with Titanal. Remember, Head is the only supplier with a license to use Graphene, the lightest, strongest material yet industrialized, so it could, theoretically, reduce the weight of the i.Speed Pro. Instead, Head uses Graphene in this ski to manage flex distribution and loads up on Titanal for its irreplaceable ability to muffle high-speed vibrations. Whatever shock can penetrate the Titanal shield inside the i.Speed Pro will encounter KERS, arguably the most technologically advanced shock management system ever created. Piezo-electric fibers embedded in the prepreg fiberglass in the tail section are activated by the high frequency vibrations caused by running over ruts at 50mph. The piezos send their charge into a microchip (visible on the topskin) where its amplified and fired back into the glass, stiffening what was already a substantial platform.

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  • 11410 Deerfield Dr. Truckee, CA 961671


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