2022 Kastle ZX100

Ski Stats

Sidecut 134/100/123
Radius 18m @ 181cm
Lengths 168,175,181,189
Weight 1950g @ 177cm
MSRP $749
Power Score: 8.40

Finesse Score: 8.57

Any ski with a Power/Finesse Balance score above 90 is doing a lot of things right. The flex of the new ZX100 from Kästle is balanced and even, and the ZX100 resides comfortably on the borderline between drifting and edging as it dances close to the fall line. If you want to make a tighter turn that’s more carve than swivel, be prepared to work for it, but that’s the case for just about every ski in this genre. It somehow manages to feel lightweight and more maneuverable than most AMW models, yet it’s not particularly light; the Kastle FX 96 Ti is actually lighter, despite sporting two sheets of Titanal. While there’s nothing extraordinary about its essential elements or their construction, the ZX100 gets all the basics right. Its non-metal make-up is refreshing in a genre loaded with as much metal as a gunboat. You may get it to quake at supersonic speeds and of course the baseline is rockered and the forebody tapered to neuter the shovel, but overall the ZX100 feels stable and confident. The only quibble I can concoct is that Kästle should reconsider aligning the ZX too closely with the budget-challenged youth of America, as its blend of security and peppy personality could suit skiers of any generation. In full awareness of the irony of the gesture, we award the ZX100 a Silver Skier Selection.

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